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Next-Generation Cybersecurity

The world of cybersecurity is always changing, with new threats and countermeasures emerging on a daily basis. The key to safeguarding your privileged data and keeping your networks secure isn't just in knowing what works today, but what trends will dictate the state of play in the future.

This comprehensive guide on next-generation security is exactly what your IT team needs to keep up-to-date. Inside, you can learn about the sweeping impact of BYOD on security, why every organization, not just larger firms, are targets and what the expansion of the cloud means for your business.

Take a peek into the future with a look at the potential risks from the Internet of Things, and a deep dive into efforts to ensure that the proliferation of mobile devices doesn't compromise your security. And learn how Edward Snowden's leaks have implications far beyond governments and privacy advocates.

So explore the reference guide below and stay informed about "Next-Generation Security."

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