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Ever since Windows 95, the Start Menu has cemented itself as an iconic part of Windows operating system. The initial removal of the menu in the first version of Windows 8 caused significant controversy that ultimately resulted in the return of the Start Menu in Windows 8.1. But new screenshots, courtesy of The Verge, show that Microsoft is ready to evolve the Start Menu with Windows 9.

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Emojis, the emoticons that have become commonplace in texting and on social media, have become a form of communication in their own right. Now, there's a social network that's poised to take emojis to the next level by allowing users to communicate in nothing but emojis, reports Engadget. Emojis are officially taking over.

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Google made several impressive announcements on the first day of its annual developer conference, Google I/O. The company unveiled its Android One program, which will finally offer mobile device manufacturers a consistent and unified Android experience. The Next Web has a comprehensive list of all of the major announcements made at Google I/O that's worth reading.

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Gamers competing against one another isn't anything new, but now it has been given a name: eSports. This version of competitive gaming has advanced incredibly from the days when you challenged your friends to an intense game of Street Fighter II. Re/code sent one of its reporters to attend a major eSports tournament and offered an incredibly useful overview of the eSports phenomenon.

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